Thursday, September 6, 2018

Parent/Student Resources UPDATE

If you or your child are having trouble understanding the math, I have set up links to instructional videos that will take you through each math lesson.  Go to the Parent/Student Resource page and find the lesson you need and click the link.  I will be adding these links each time we reach a new lesson, so check back frequently.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

WELCOME to the BLOG!!!

I am excited to get our blog up and running.
Please check back regularly for updates and important information on upcoming events.

Important Dates:
Sept 06 - Open House
Sept 10 - Cookie Dough Orders Due
Sept 12 - Field Study to the Lexington Museum
Sept 28 - Half Day
Sept 29 - Killian Kick Off  11:00-2:00

What we are Learning:
Math - we have started our study of place value, we have learned that place value is based off a system of 10, we will be learning to read numbers into the millions and how to write numbers using base ten numerals, number names, and expanded form

Science - we are starting our study of weather, we will learn about the instruments meteorologist use to predict the weather and how to use/read both thermometers and barometers, we will be learning about different types of weather and what causes each of these to occur

Key Vocabulary can be found on the "Math Vocab" and "Science Vocab" tabs at the top of the blog.  This is where I will post key terms that students will need to know and understand for the units of study in both math and science.

Students should expect to have homework Monday-Thursday.  Please check their agendas for homework assignments.